Krischvn Gets You "Baked" with New EP

VIPs are common ways for artists to showcase the same track in different ways, but it's not typical for a producer to offer up four separate edits of the same track on a release. Well, Krischvn threw that norm out the window for his Baked EP, serving up four separate edits of the "Baked" concept, and they're all equally wild.

Bringing his unique hybrid trap style to each of the tracks, Krischvn takes "Baked" in four separate directions, while keeping them rooted firmly in an experimental area. The sound design on each of the edits is fine-tuned to perfection, making each one different enough to qualify as its own strain, but all expressing "Baked" in different ways. 

For instance, "Stop Getting Baked" features a high pitched screech that's absent from the other edits, but ramps the energy up after a false drop. "Second Baked" has a similar energy, but expressed through different frequencies in the main synth line. 

Shifts in tempo and percussion also set each track apart from the other. One could argue that Baked is a full, four-track experience to be consumed in order (is this prog trap?). Others might say each selection is suited to a different vibe, and they're all meant to be enjoyed as stand-alone listening experiences. Whatever the case, Krischvn has brought a unique concept and masterful sound design to the Wakaan imprint.

The Baked EP is out now and available at this link