Kill The Noise unveils new mixtape series ‘Book of The Dead’

Kill The Noise is introducing a brand new mixtape to follow his impressive prior roster of mix series “KILLUMINATI,” “KILLUMINATION,” and “NOISE BUSTERS.” After the release of the four-minute multi-genre masterpiece “Battlestations” with Wolfgang Gartner in 2020, a full-length mixtape is a welcome surprise for fans. Chapter 1 of the “Book of The Dead Mixtape” series is overflowing with electronic music talent from industry staples and up-and-comers alike. The hour-long sonic experience features new releases from MUST DIE!, Ace Aura, Wooli, Subtronics, Leotrix, and many, many more. Fans of the heavier side of electronic music should not let this piece slip under their radar.Featured image: Nicole Irene DyckTags: , , ,
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