Key Glock – No Hook (Official Video)


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Key Glock’s relentless work ethic serves as a constant reminder of his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. With each new release, Glock consistently delivers high-energy flows, clever wordplay, and gritty storytelling that showcase his prowess as a rapper. His unwavering commitment to perfecting his skills and pushing the boundaries of his artistry is a testament to his passion for hip hop. Key Glock’s relentless hustle not only demonstrates his individual talent.

“I’m livin’ like a king, b*tch, I’m not your local joker/All about my bread, hell yеah, I keep that toaster/I be sippin’ red and my lil’ b*tch sip mimosa/I hop up out the bed, say a prayer and count my dough up.”

Through his music, Glock continues to pay tribute to Young Dolph, honoring his influence on his career and the invaluable lessons he imparted. From his lyrics to his overall demeanor, Key Glock exudes the same fearlessness and authenticity that Young Dolph embodied. By carrying on Dolph’s legacy, Key Glock not only showcases his own talent but ensures that the spirit of his mentor lives on in the world of hip hop. Check out “No Hook” below