Kasbo discloses discerning sophomore LP, ‘The Making of a Paracosm’

The Making of a Paracosm sounds a lot like Kasbo‘s making of a magnum opus. The successor to 2018’s Places We Don’t Know, Kasbo’s sophomore LP is a project that took shape amid adversity: the unexpected, inexplicable hearing loss that struck the Swedish producer’s left ear in May 2019. Kasbo detailed this “severe hearing loss,” which impaired his ability to hear frequencies below 1,000 decibels, in a September 27, 2019, Facebook post, writing,That “spark” swiftly caught fire and has since taken shape in The Making of a Paracosm, a discerning, 14-cut endeavor that sees Kasbo push the limits of his sound, to prove that there are in fact no limits. With a thematic focus on Swedish folklore, which represents “a big part of the world of” The Making of a Paracosm, the LP goes beyond the sound constructions and tropes commonly associated with Kasbo’s catalog to usher in a new yet delightfully familiar, recognizable chapter in his release history. Featuring cameos from Ourchives, Florian Rosetti, Noomi, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and Frida Sundemo, among other artists, The Making of a Paracosm has at last descended. Stream below.Featured image: Raelena KniffTags: , ,
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