Picture of Kara Major Everything Works Out

Kara Major Amplifying Positivity Through “Everything Works Out” 

Rising star Kara Major has taken the EDM scene by storm with her electrifying sound and positive approach to music. Her latest release, “Everything Works Out,”  is not just a thrilling single, but also a manifestation of her belief in the power of positive creation. Inspired by the wisdom of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction, she incorporates affirmations like “everything is always working out for me” into her high-energy music, amplifying the message to the universe. 

In a recent interview, Kara discussed the inspiration behind her powerful theme and how it has contributed to positive outcomes in her life. Major attributes her success to her belief in the Law of Attraction and the alignment of her thoughts, words, and actions with her desires. 

The music video for “Everything Works Out” is a testament to Kara’s vitality and exhilaration. With her involvement in the creative process, she ensures that the visuals effectively communicate the message she intends to convey. Major’s artistic direction is influenced not only by fellow  musicians in the industry but also by her favorite authors and motivational speakers. 

Manifestation plays a consistent role in Major’s personal achievements. She firmly believes that our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions shape our reality. Supported by scientific evidence from fields like neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics, Kara anticipates that her music will resonate with listeners who also embrace the same philosophy.

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