Picture of Kai Phi In Dig A New

Kai Phi Ventures Into New Territory With Experimental Trip-Hop Track “In Dig A New”

Kai Phi is a trailblazing DJ and producer, shattering the boundaries of electronic music and emerging as an unparalleled visionary. His newest release, “In Dig A New,” follows “California Forever,” “Le Midi,” and “Dream Drum,” blending hypnotic synths and heart-pumping beats to forge an otherworldly auditory journey. With its infectious energy and dynamic arrangement, the track is a must-have for any club or festival playlist, guaranteed to leave listeners in a state of pure euphoria.

When asked about the inspiration behind the new release, Kai Phi shares that “In Dig A New” is a creative twist on a vocabulary lesson from an English class where the word “indigenous” was mispronounced. While the single has been categorized as trip-hop, the artist’s ultimate goal is not to confine it to a particular genre but rather to produce a sound that resonates with listeners and elicits positive emotions, encouraging them to move to the beat. 

With this track Kai Phi demonstrates a distinctive approach to music production by intricately blending syncopation elements from various genres to create a unique and captivating musical experience. By fusing Dubstep, electro dub, Reggae, and boom-bap hip hop, he creates a complex and exceptional sound that deviates from traditional genre conventions. 

The artist also places great emphasis on cultivating a profound sense of empathy towards his audience regardless of the genre he is creating music for. He firmly believes that producing music without appreciation, respect, and empathy for the listener lacks soul and is akin to speaking at someone disrespectfully instead of addressing them directly.

Kai Phi strives to create an authentic and meticulously organized sonic experience for his listeners by following the circle of fifths, a precise mathematical and musical representation. This approach is apparent in “In Dig A New,” which proves his innovative style that sets him apart from other electronic dance music artists. 

Listen to “In Dig A New” below: