Justin Bieber soundtracks quarantine with new "Work From Home" EP

On March 26, international icon Justin Bieber released his second compilation amidst ongoing COVID-19 unrest. Appropriately titled Work From Home, the EP is a continuing part of the Biebs’ promise for twice weekly Tuesday and Thursday content.

The Work From Home EP features an acoustic version of the track “Intentions,” the lead single from the singer’s recent album, Changes. Changes was not just a comeback record for Bieber, but additionally a milstone in itself, with the release having beat out records set by Elvis Presley. Also included are tracks “Changes,” “Available,” “At Least For Now,” and collaboration with Lil Dicky called “Running Over.”

As people continue to social distance and stay indoors, it seems that artists from all different kinds of genres remain committed to keeping fans entertained by releasing an abundance of content. We tip our hats to these talents.

Photo Credit: Getty Images