Jourdin Pauline Releases New Single “Kick It”


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Directed by Supo Supreme and Jourdin Pauline-herself, the visual stars the new pop sensation conducting a must-see exclusive interview with a popular broadcast journalist, with the pop star revealing her love interests and unveiling other requested answers. Over the track’s bouncy production, Pauline hosts a house party that includes beer pong, dance routines, bottles, and so much more. The song and visual is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan as the pop star sets for a breakout year.

“Kick It” comes on the heels of Pauline’s previously released 2021 single “Boot It Up.” In 2023, Pauline collaborated with Jersey Club for the dance track “Danger.” “Kick It” sets up the forthcoming arrival of Jourdin’s new album, anticipated for a late-2023 release.

Watch it below: