Jimmy Edgar talks ‘CHEETAH BEND’ LP inspirations [Q&A]

Jimmy Edgar has been an unstoppable creative force for nearly two decades, consistently churning out creatively ambitious and innovative electronic productions. In February 2021, the veteran added to his legacy by releasing CHEETAH BEND, a remarkably innovative LP that tests the boundaries of modern electronic music. Complementing Edgar’s off the wall instrumentals are a true A-list of featured artists including the likes of SOPHIE, Hudson Mohawke, and Danny Brown. The record is as bombastic as it is experimental, and overall, it’s a must-listen for fans looking for a totally unique sound. Dancing Astronaut caught up with Jimmy Edgar to chat about his new record, his production style, collaborating with so many differing artists, and more. Read the Q&A below. One of the standout traits in your music is your knack for sound design—what part of a particular sound tends to catch your ear most?You feature artists from a broad array of genres on CHEETAH BEND—how do you bring artists with such different skill sets and creative perspectives into your world?The music community has been reeling with the tragic loss of SOPHIE. You worked with her on “METAL,” if you’re comfortable with it, could you please share a little about the impact SOPHIE and her work had on you?‘CHEETAH BEND’ is arriving 17 years after your debut project, what advice do you wish you heard when you were starting your career? And if you could go back and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?What’s the secret to sustaining such a lengthy music career without ever sounding stale?What do you hope listeners take away from CHEETAH BEND?Featured image: Jimmy Edgar / InstagramTags: , , ,
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