Jerro, Lizzy Land match up on This Never Happened for ‘Need Somebody’

In the calendar year since Coming Home, Jerro‘s release agenda has remained unremitting, and that’s continuing into the final turn of 2022. After his debut album’s remix repackaging, a collaboration with Sultan + Shepard, a reunion with Tailor, a three-sided EP—his first extended release since the LP—and a Jon Hopkins-led reimagining of “Trois” already to his credit, Jerro is back on This Never Happened to pair up with Lizzy Land for “Need Somebody.”Earlier in October, Jerro had teased that there were some “really exciting things to share over the next couple weeks” following the conclusion of his European run this summer. And it would all begin with a singer-songwriter he had a collaborative eye on for a long time. Lizzy Land—who also appeared on EMBRZ‘s freshman effort—joins the Belgian producer to fulfill that prophecy, with the two integrating a rich, colorful framing of melodic house in tandem with a divine lyrical showcase on This Never Happened. Jerro shared a message behind how “Need Somebody” came to be and their experience finalizing it, explaining,“I started the idea for this track at the airport in London last year in december and finished it a couple of days later just as an instrumental. Fast forward a couple of months to March earlier this year, and Lizzy and I got in touch. I immediately send her the instrumental and we rented out a studio in Los Angeles. Little did we know this was one of the worst studios ever, with almost none of the equipment working. We try to cheer ourselves up with some snacks and she started recording the first version through her airpods. Although the quality of the sound was far from good, we both new this was something really cool!! Super proud of this one. I’ve been listening to it for months now and I’m excited to finally share it you as well.”
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