Jeremih vocally stars in Afrojack and Chico Rose’s latest collaboration, ‘Cloud 9’

For years, Jeremih‘s name had almost exclusively appeared in the R&B genre. Features on dance cuts such as Snakehips‘ “For The F^ _ ^k Of It,” RL Grime‘s “Undo,” and Whethan‘s “Let Me Take You,” offered the vocalist an opportunity to break this stylistic tradition, and so too does Afrojack and Chico Rose‘s “Cloud 9,” on which Jeremih once again exudes his capacity for a seamless crossover.

“Cloud 9” sees Afrojack and Chico Rose convene for the first time since their inaugural co-project, “Sad,” released in 2019. However, as “Cloud 9” renders clear, the time that has lapsed since their initial collaboration has not been at the expense of their electronic synergy. The production pair set a mid-tempo pace for their sonic encore, allowing deep, rounded synth work to instrumentally stabilize the single. Jeremih’s vocals are a fitting accompaniment to “Cloud 9” that emotively recount the romantic history of the contemplative dance-pop narrative.

Featured image: Rukes