Jai Wolf erases four-year remix pause with nostalgic reimagining of keshi’s ‘blue’

Not even a month removed from commemorating a five full years since Jai Wolf‘s entrance into electronic music with an “Indian Summer” anniversary re-release, the Foreign Family associate is now stepping up to a successive milestone. It’s been a similarly outstretched lapse in time since Jai Wolf’s last non-original—nearly four years to be exact—and he’s now resetting that clock by working his inimitable magic on keshi’s “blue.” Prefacing the reimagining with a self-deprecating poke at how the remix wouldn’t necessarily phase his routinely episodic release schedule, Jai Wolf ended the 33-month intermission since his “Something Just Like This” spin in grand fashion. Jai Wolf educes his vintage tack on the “blue” adjustment, pitching up keshi’s vocals and coupling it with a generous measure of his wistful synths for a gratifying entrance to the new year, hoisting the original to an entirely different degree of transcendent.Featured image: Dash GreyTags: , , ,
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