JACKEL released an uplifting tech house summer anthem called “Feel The Love”!

Straight from EDMonton, Canada, we bring you today JackEL and his brand new tech house hybrid release called “Feel the love”, out on Hood Politics Records.

“Feel The Love” it’s a tech house track with a blend of pure house and pop influences. The song is based on an incessant groove, completed by synth melodies and deep, heavy bass line. On top, the vocal lines gives the track a surreal and pop atmosphere.


Overall, “Feel the love” incorporates all the sounds you would expect from its title, builds on steady tech house beats and raw sounds, including feverish vocal samples and an energetic bassline – the result is a dance floor weapon that displays JackEL trademark sounds and musical knowledge, culminating in an uplifting summer anthem that makes it the ideal DJ weapon for the clubs and festivals.

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