Isaiah Wafer New Album Quarantine Is Making Waves

Isaiah Wafer has taken his talents to music, and fans could not be any happier. His knack to create sonically mesmerizing tunes has been exceptionally apparent in the new album Quarantine. The album is quickly becoming a controversial topic as it targets the nearly 2 years of a worldwide pandemic.

The intriguing collection of tracks is sure to appeal to a wide variety of genres. He has an undeniable feel for the music world and his ability to deliver emotions into sounds is rather captivating. The skilled producer took a slightly different road this time with a pinch of EDM added to the mix.

Tracks such as “Spaceship (intro),” will have you hooked from the start as the artist presents new rhythms, beats, and melodies.

The album also features famous collaborations such as Junior Paes and Amitav.