INTERVIEW: Cody Chase Talks Artistic Evolution, Chasin Records, Future Goals + More

Cody Chase’s determination and passion for electronic music have remained a paramount asset to the talented Producer and DJ throughout his musical journey, supporting his evolution and establishment on the scene. As he becomes known for his driving sound, a signature style that blends elements from genres like techno and house, Cody Chase keeps taking electronic music by storm, captivating listeners worldwide. So, dive into this exclusive RTT interview with us to discover more about Cody Chase’s musical journey so far and learn about the plans, projects, and goals he remains motivated to achieve next. 

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Hey Cody Chase, how are you?

Chasin the dream and loving life.

You recently performed in Denver, supporting Detlef. Could you tell us about this show, what was it like?

Performing in Denver at 1134, especially supporting Detlef, was an exhilarating experience. The venue itself has a vibe that’s both intimate and electric, perfect for the kind of deep connection I aim to create with the audience. Detlef, being a phenomenal producer and DJ known for his dynamic Tech House beats, set a high bar, so the energy in the room was already buzzing when I took the stage.

The crowd at 1134 is always enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Electronic Music, which makes it all the more rewarding to perform there. They’re not just there to listen; they’re there to be part of the experience, to interact with the music. This kind of crowd pushes me to elevate my performance, experimenting with transitions and dropping in some exclusive tracks that I’ve been working on.

During this show, I focused on blending my signature dark, grungy Techno with more uplifting, energetic Tech House elements, reflecting my recent personal transitions and growth. The result was a set that journeyed through various moods and intensities, mirroring the kind of emotional and musical range I strive to achieve. Sharing the stage with Detlef also provided a fantastic learning opportunity, as his mastery in crafting a set that moves seamlessly from track to track is something I admire and aspire to. The whole experience was not just a show but a moment of true synergy between artists and the audience.

Can you share any updates about your record label, Chasin Records? Can you tell us about your plans for Chasin Records?

Chasin Records has been undergoing some exciting transformations lately! We’ve been keeping a bit low-key as we focus on a comprehensive rebrand, which includes not just a fresh new logo but also an innovative approach to collaborating with artists. Our goal is to put the spotlight firmly on the artists, ensuring that their unique voices and visions are at the forefront of everything we do.

As part of our commitment to supporting our artists, we’ve also revamped our business model. This new structure is designed to ensure that a larger share of the revenue goes directly to the artists. We believe that by supporting our artists financially, we empower them to create their best work, which is essential for nurturing genuine talent and maintaining the integrity of the music.

I can’t reveal too much more at the moment, but I’m really excited about the direction we’re heading. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @chasinrecs to stay updated on all the announcements and developments. We have some thrilling projects and collaborations in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with our community.

When it comes to your radio show, ‘The Chase’, what would you say have been some of your favourite moments of 2024 so far?

‘The Chase’ has had a spectacular run in 2024, filled with standout moments that have truly defined the year for the show. One of the most exciting aspects has been the incredible lineup of guest DJs we’ve had on the program. Having legends like David Guetta and Tiësto, alongside phenomenal talents like R3HAB, Fedde Le Grand, Maddix, and Dombresky, has not only brought a variety of sounds and styles to our listeners but also provided insightful conversations and exclusive mixes that you can’t hear anywhere else. Each of these artists brings their unique flair and perspective to the show, making each episode a special event.

Additionally, ‘The Chase’ has been a fantastic platform for premiering a ton of my new music. This includes everything from official releases to bootlegs and even some IDs that have been in the works. It’s thrilling to share these tracks with the listeners first, getting real-time feedback and building anticipation for the official drops. This aspect of the show has been incredibly rewarding, as it allows me to experiment with new sounds and gauge listener reactions in a direct and immediate way.

Overall, these moments have not only enhanced the show’s appeal but have also allowed me to connect more deeply with my audience and the broader Electronic Music community. Every episode of ‘The Chase’ feels like a celebration of Electronic Music, where we explore its past, present, and future through great tracks and deep conversations with some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s been an incredible year so far, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of 2024 holds for the show!

With the landscape of Electronic Music changing, what are some styles, instruments, or software you wish to experiment with in your projects?

As the landscape of Electronic Music evolves, I’m continuously looking for new styles, instruments, and software to integrate into my projects, pushing the boundaries of what I can create.

Recently, I’ve been having a blast with Ableton 12. Its robust features and intuitive workflow have really unlocked new creative possibilities for me. I’ve particularly enjoyed using Fadr to extract vocal stems from tracks. This feature is incredibly powerful for creating clean acapellas, which I often use in making unique bootlegs and remixes.

Another tool that’s been a game changer is Audimee. It’s fantastic for transforming those extracted vocals into polished, high-quality masters. The ability to tweak and fine-tune vocals to exactly how I need them allows for a level of customization in my tracks that truly sets them apart. This has been great for creating distinctive bootlegs, giving me the freedom to manipulate vocals in creative ways that fit perfectly within my unique sound.

Looking ahead, I’m really excited about downloading Dubler 2, which will allow me to use my voice to program MIDI. This is especially thrilling because it opens up a whole new dimension of creativity—being able to lay down ideas as soon as they come to mind, using just my voice, will speed up my workflow and make the creative process even more intuitive. I can’t wait to explore how this can integrate with my existing setup and how it can enhance my live performances and studio productions. The potential for creating dynamic, expressive tracks that truly resonate with my artistic vision is incredibly exciting.

Do you feel as though you have achieved any of your goals as a Producer and DJ from when you first set out to carve out a career within Electronic Music?

Reflecting on my journey so far as a producer and DJ, I feel incredibly fortunate for the milestones I’ve been able to reach, even though I’m still relatively early in my career and have many more goals to pursue. One of the most exhilarating achievements has been having the opportunity to play at a festival. Standing on that stage, feeling the energy of the crowd, and sharing my music on such a grand scale was a dream come true and a confirmation that I’m on the right path.

Additionally, securing a traveling residency was another significant milestone. This experience has not only allowed me to connect with audiences in different cities and cultures but also helped refine my skills and adaptability as a DJ, learning to read and respond to diverse crowds with my musical selections and performance style.

Most importantly, the growth of my fan base, who affectionately call themselves “The Chasers,” has been the most rewarding aspect of my career thus far. These aren’t just casual listeners; they’re passionate fans who engage deeply with my music, attend shows, and support my journey. Their energy and enthusiasm fuel my drive to keep pushing, experimenting, and evolving. Shout out to all the beautiful, crazy mofos who make up The Chasers! Your support means everything, and it motivates me every day to keep creating and performing. Knowing I have such a dedicated group of fans is a constant reminder of why I started this journey and what keeps me driven to achieve more in the world of Electronic Music.

What do you hope to achieve next? What are some milestone moments that you still, wish to reach?

Looking ahead, I have several ambitious goals and milestone moments that I’m eager to achieve in my career. One major aspiration is to release tracks on renowned labels such as Drumcode, Toolroom, and Experts Only. These labels represent the pinnacle of quality and influence in the Electronic Music scene, particularly in Techno and Tech House. Having my music released under these banners would not only mark a significant validation of my work but also connect my sound with a broader, global audience of dedicated Electronic Music enthusiasts.

Another personal dream of mine is to headline at major venues that hold a special place in my heart—like The Mirage in Brooklyn and Space Miami. These iconic clubs are legendary in the Electronic Music world and represent key platforms for any artist looking to make a substantial impact. Headlining these venues would not only be a homecoming celebration but also a testament to my growth and presence in the industry.

Additionally, playing a nighttime rave set in the Megastructure at Ultra Miami is high on my list. The sheer scale and energy of Ultra, particularly in the Megastructure, make it one of the most exhilarating environments for any Electronic Music artist. Performing there during a prime nighttime slot would be a career-defining experience, allowing me to showcase my best work in one of the world’s most prestigious Electronic Music settings.

Lastly, joining the Insomniac family would be an incredible honor. Insomniac Events are synonymous with premier Electronic Music experiences, and becoming part of their roster would not only broaden my reach but also align me with some of the most talented and innovative artists in the scene. It would offer unique opportunities to play at top-tier festivals and events, further establishing myself in the international music community.

Each of these goals pushes me to refine my craft, innovate my approach, and expand my influence in the Electronic Music industry, striving to leave a lasting impact and inspire others along the way.

What direction do you see Cody Chase going in? How do you feel your sound will evolve as you mature as an artist?

As I continue to mature and evolve as an artist, I see Cody Chase pushing deeper into the fusion of Techno, Tech House, and Bass Music to create a distinctive sound that resonates on both a personal and broader audience level. My focus in the studio is intensifying as I work meticulously to align my production sound with the dynamic and engaging style that defines my DJ sets. This involves honing my craft to blend the driving, hypnotic rhythms of Techno with the groove-oriented, accessible elements of Tech House, and the powerful, resonant vibes of Bass Music. This fusion aims not only to make my tracks compelling and club-ready but also to infuse them with a versatility that appeals to a diverse audience. The integration of these elements is about creating a sound that is not just heard but deeply felt; a sound that moves people both physically and emotionally. As I gain more experience and exposure to different scenes and sounds around the world, my music will continue to absorb and reflect these influences, ensuring that it remains fresh, innovative, and ahead of the curve.

Additionally, I am committed to a continual learning process, both technically and creatively, to ensure that my music not only matches but also sets industry standards. This involves experimenting with new software, embracing cutting-edge production techniques, and pushing the boundaries of sound design. As I mature as an artist, my sound will likely become more refined and sophisticated, reflecting both my personal growth and the evolving landscape of Electronic Music. This evolution will be critical in defining the future direction of Cody Chase, ensuring that my music continues to excite and inspire audiences worldwide.

And finally, when it comes to your overall musical journey within Electronic Music, where do you see yourself exploring next? Having already set up a label and weekly radio show whilst making a name for yourself as a Producer and DJ, are there any more creative pursuits you wish to embark on next?

It’s exhilarating to think about the next chapters in my musical journey, especially given my diverse interests and the solid foundation I’ve already built within the Electronic Music scene. Expanding into a production company alongside Chasin Records sounds like a fantastic next step for me. This venture could indeed mirror the success of phenomena like Elrow, known for their vibrant, immersive party experiences. By creating a traveling party series, I aim to not only broaden my brand’s impact but also create unique, memorable events that fuse music with spectacular entertainment, enhancing the live experience for attendees and setting a new standard in the industry.

The idea to branch into tequila and rave clothing/accessories is equally promising. With my growing popularity, these endeavors allow me to tap into lifestyle branding, which can significantly enrich my fans’ experience and connection with my music. A signature Cody Chase tequila could become a staple at events and a symbol of the celebratory spirit of my shows, while a line of rave clothing and accessories would cater directly to my audience’s style and needs, fostering a stronger community around my brand.

These expansions not only diversify my business interests but also deepen my engagement with my audience, creating a holistic brand experience that spans music, events, and lifestyle products. Each new venture provides a unique touchpoint for fans and followers, turning Cody Chase into a comprehensive entertainment and lifestyle brand. This broadened scope will likely bring new creative challenges and opportunities, driving my career to exciting new heights and possibly setting trends in the Electronic Music and broader entertainment industries.

As we end our interview with Cody Chase, it is clear that his love for his craft and drive to make his mark on the landscape of Electronic Music is greater than ever, surely making for an exciting path ahead for the talented Producer and DJ. So, be sure to keep Cody Chase on your radar by following him across social media, as he no doubt remains a talent not to miss. 

‘INTERVIEW: Cody Chase Talks Artistic Evolution, Chasin Records, Future Goals + More

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