Off the back of his 2022 smash hit “Belly Dancer”, Imanbek is kicking off 2023 with a tongue-in-cheek banger, as he teams up with 17-year-old burgeoning star, Crazy Donkey (300m streams in CN), Brando (Loud Luxury “Body”) on vocals and Germany’s, Paradigm, for new single Fake.

With representation from China, Kazakhstan, the US and Germany, Fake is a record that that spans 3 continents, and shows the power of music with different cultures coming together as one for a bit of fun.

You look so bad with your Louis V and plaid,
They hate your ass cause you just got paid,
Rich dad, heart tatts, does it ever get you sad,
That your life’s a wreck and all your friends fake

Fake light-heartedly pokes fun at the excess and posturing that is present in today’s society, and arrives with a full Metaverse-like visual with playful jabs at the scene featuring a knock-off gallery, a concert world in which the crowd glitches out, and a date gone wrong when they each realize they’ve only got half a body + much more!. Welcome to the FAKEVERSE.

As he effortlessly crosses genres from pop to house to hip-hop, Imanbek showcases yet another example of his ability to read the room with Fake, with a good-natured, light-hearted bit of fun that is sure to get people talking. He will debut the song live at his show at Exchange Los Angeles this coming January 14, with Brando joining him on stage to call out the haters. Be there or be fake. Listen or download “Fake” here , out now on Liquid State/Sony Music !