At the heels of announcing the arrival of his debut album, Imposter Syndrome, and releasing a mammoth collaboration with Nitti Gritti, Hydraulix switches up the pace with “Another Minute”, the second single off the forthcoming LP. Featuring vocals from up-and-coming rapper Muchi, “Another Minute” sees Hydraulix try his hand at crafting conscious, elevated bedroom hip-hop. “Another Minute” is out now across all DSPs via WAKAAN.

Although he’s best known for his hard-hitting style of freeform bass, Hydraulix aimed to hone in on his love for all things electronic, classic, contemporary, and future in his debut album. “Another Minute” showcases the Sydney-based artist’s versatility as a producer. Boasting an array of high-profile features on Imposter Syndrome, Hydraulix recruited bedroom producer and rapper Muchi to inject his effortless flow and conscious lyricism into the stripped-back, genre-blurring cut. Cited as the LP’s closing track, “Another Minute” aptly invites listeners to “stay another minute” before parting ways with the 20-track journey that the LP generously delivers. 


“I had been listening to a LOT of The Kid Laroi and finding inspiration for some beats; he’s had a huge year and I was really inspired by his music in 2020. I had also been a big fan of Muchi but never had anything to suit his vocals and style so when I started ‘Another Minute’ I knew this could be the perfect song to collaborate on. Once I had everything down I sent the track straight to Muchi who couldn’t have captured the vibe more perfectly, he killed it on this track. Once I heard the track come together I knew I wanted to close the album with it, its late-night vibes and lyrics [‘can’t you just stay another minute’] was exactly the message to finish off ‘Imposter Syndrome.”– Hydraulix

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