Honey Dijon brings the horns to Love Regenerator’s ‘Live Without Your Love’

Honey Dijon hops onto remix duty, giving a funkified flip to the latest release of Calvin Harris‘ thriving old-school Love Regenerator moniker. The remix picks up where the original left off, sturdily on the shoulders of Steve Lacy‘s buttery smooth vocals. Honey Dijon makes the most of these with a lavish ensemble of instrumentation, from the swerve-inducing saxophone to the piano house chords that hit like strobes at a 90’s rave. Favoring R&B grooves, the original could be seen as the Love Regenerator release that strays furthest from the pseudonym’s defined underground sound. The Honey Dijon treatment, however, preps the fringe radio-ready original for a true dancefloor affair.The remix continues Honey Dijon’s streak of upper echelon releases, following up her spin on Lady Gaga‘s “Free Woman.” Listen to Honey Dijon’s remix of Love Regenerator’s “Live Without Your Love” below.Tags: , , , , ,
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