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During hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, Amazon Music explores the intersection between Latin and hip-hop, the two most powerful movements influencing youth culture today, in Hip-Hop X Siempre. Amazon Music is honoring the Latinos who have contributed to hip-hop’s growth through HIP-HOP X SIEMPRE, an exciting campaign featuring curated and exclusive programming, Amazon Originals, editorial content and experiential activations. The full documentary, titled Hip-Hop X Siempre will release today. We’ll hear from legends like Fat Joe, B-Real, N.O.R.E., and Residente, and newer voices on the scene, including Eladio Carrión, Myke Towers, Alemán, Snow Tha Product, Villano Antillano, and Trueno

“Latinos have been an inherent part of hip-hop from its start, and hip-hop continues to inspire our culture and past, present and future generations,” said Rocio Guerrero, head of Global Latin, Amazon Music. “Latino artists take inspiration from hip-hop beats and lyrics, infusing them with traditional Latin rhythms to make the genre our own, ultimately aiding in its global reach and relevance. ‘Hip-hop X Siempre’ pays respect to this shared history and its impact on our culture by highlighting the diverse and intergenerational voices that are part of the movement.”

Tonight the documentary will have its global live premiere, followed by a panel with the executive producer, at an event in New York, available on the Amazon Music app and Twitch. Luckily, I will be attending so look for part 2 and my experience at the event soon.