High Zombie’s Detrace Remix Is Just as "Lethal" as the Original

Half a year ago, Detrace released his heavyweight dubstep single, "Lethal." Now, rising bass talent High Zombie has reworked the track to fit his own vision, and rest assured, it's just as potent.

High Zombie's remix of "Lethal" opens in a similar way to the original, but with the added flare of suspenseful horns and a buildup section that amplifies the rising tension just before the drop. Once that drop hits, it's an all-out dubstep assault.

The stuttering synth lines echo out over drums that punch with impressive force, carrying the tune to maximum energy. Vocal samples provide allusions to Detrace's original work, as do the "Emergency Alert System" tones that line the breakdowns and builds of the track. Those tones are quite fitting for the deadly bass elements present in "Lethal" and High Zombie's impressive remix. 

Already garnering the support from The Dub Rebellion and more, "Lethal (High Zombie Remix)" is sure to become a breakout summer dubstep hit, building upon Detrace's earlier successes while cementing High Zombie as a producer to keep an ear on. 

"Lethal (High Zombie Remix)" is out now and available for free download here


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