Hardwell turns fan-favorite Ultra ID into ‘Rebels Never Die’ halfway point, ‘PACMAN’

You know what Pac-Man stands for?For those that were either standing inside Bayfront Park or viewing Ultra’s livestream from the comfort of their own home, there’s about a one million percent chance that speech during Hardwell‘s set about the childhood game has not left the mind since March 27. Everyone—of course—has their own preference when it comes to which Rebels Never Die ID ultimately ranks first, but there’s an overwhelming consensus that “PACMAN” has sat towards the top of everyone’s wishlist from the moment it debuted in Miami. And considering we’ve now officially hit the midway point of the Rebels Never Die tracklist, there was no Ultra cut more fitting to be the seventh single from Hardwell’s sophomore album.Sampling a monologue from an episode of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, “PACMAN” opens with a thought-provoking message about a deeper meaning behind the Namco-engineered game before a rush of Hardwell’s half-and-half of bigroom and techno blows the door wide open. And “PACMAN” is even laced with the in-game sound that truly makes the single’s name as perfect as it gets, skyrocketing the Rebels Never Die bar yet again as Hardwell now turns the tracklist corner towards the backend of his first project since 2015. We’re still without any concrete information as to whether or not the Rebels Never Die rollout will follow the bimonthly single format all the way until its title track, but assuming it does keep up, “Mind Control” is on deck for June 24, which will arrive just two weeks before the Revealed Recordings head makes his next tour stop at Ultra Europe. Featured image: Idan HortaTags: ,
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