Hardwell sends a ‘DOPAMINE’ rush with charged fifth album single

It’s been about a month and a half since the dance music world welcomed Hardwell back with open arms in the heart of Miami. And in that time, his sophomore album Rebels Never Die has continued to take shape, with the Revealed Recordings boss now filling in its fifth release slot and all but confirming that the tracklist displayed on his album t-shirt will be the album’s eventual tracklist order. There’s no answer just yet as to when Rebels Never Die will exactly deploy in full—although it would land in mid-September if the current bimonthly release cycle upholds—or just how many of its 14 tracks that Hardwell will doll out before it does, but “Dopamine” now comes as the latest Ultra ID to be converted into an album single.Through each and every Rebels Never Die delivery thus far—“Broken Mirror,” “Into The Unknown,“ “F*CKING SOCIETY,” and most recently “BLACK MAGIC“— Hardwell has given an individualized look into the reengineered identity he brought with him to Bayfront Park. And his latest offering protracts that trend, with Hardwell surrendering what’s unabashedly his most combative Rebels Never Die single of the five as he breaks his bigroom-techno fusion wide open alongside an overpowering buildup that sends a forceful rush of “DOPAMINE” right to the head. Assuming that Hardwell lets the stream of album singles run—at least for the time being—”GODD” will receive the green light next on May 27, which will be just a day after his first show since Ultra.

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