Hardwell extends the ‘Rebels Never Die’ walkout with third Ultra ID, ‘F*CKING SOCIETY’

It’s genuinely impossible to try and pinpoint a favorite ID from Hardwell‘s comeback set but—just like Martin Garrix is doing with Sentio, although a little less frequently—it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be much of a waiting game for any of them. It’s been just shy of three weeks since the king retook his throne in the heart of downtown Miami—jaw-droppingly revealing his sophomore album and an international tour to go along with it—and although it’s still pretty mind-numbing to fully wrap our heads around the thought that he’s active again after a four-year pause, the Revealed Recordings ruler is already picking back up on his Rebels Never Die rollout. After a two-for-one first release with “Broken Mirror” and “Into The Unknown“—the opening pair of IDs from his Ultra grand finale—Hardwell is now jumping towards the end of the set to cement “F*CKING SOCIETY” as the track that now slides in as his album’s third preview.It wasn’t necessarily like Hardwell to keep mashups to a minimum at Ultra, but he did so with a purpose, allowing him to fully present Rebels Never Die in its most natural, uninhibited state. But there were still a handful of acapella pairings that found their way into Hardwell’s 15-part tracklist, with one of them being a completely unexpected crossover with Metallica’s iconic 1992 track “Nothing Else Matters.” But the Reeloop sample alongside a lead that connects both Hardwell’s old-school bigroom and new-age techno trail makes it as straightforward as it can be to have that ingrained in the mind instead. “F*CKING SOCIETY” leans a little a more into the bigroom-esque direction than “Into The Unknown” did, with Hardwell’s third album single once more expanding on the hair-raising, expansive reinvention that he doused the Bayfront Park crowd with at the end of March. Considering there’s been a Rebels Never Die preview every other week since Ultra’s conclusion, a due date for Hardwell’s sophomore album is likely not too far out of reach as the continuation of his coinciding tour reignites in May.Featured image: RukesTags: , ,
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