HARBER and NISHA submit spring-suited single, ‘Pieces’

After premiering live during HARBER‘s headlining show at New York’s Mercury Lounge in November 2019, “Pieces” is pervading digital streaming platforms. Cowritten with the single’s featured vocalist, NISHA, over FaceTime, “Pieces” possesses an inescapable appeal that will inevitably prompt its lyrical hook to loop in listeners’ minds.

Writing ‘Pieces’ was such a fun and collaborative experience. We actually wrote it over FaceTime after sharing both of our experiences. HARBER and I have an almost intuitive process when writing.


Warm and well-suited to the spring season, “Pieces” is a vocal-centric, pop-electronic crossover that makes for easy listening in a mellifluous flex of HARBER and NISHA’s creative synergy. “Pieces” is out now the Disco Fries’ Liftoff Recordings, and follows HARBER and NISHA’s previous work on “Savior,” released in July 2019. In the context of HARBER’s 2020 release activity, “Pieces” succeeds early March’s “F*CK WORK.”

Featured image: HARBER/Facebook