Gryffin and John Martin submit last-minute entry for song of the summer, ‘Cry’

In the absence of live entertainment, the trail to building enthusiasm for unreleased music has been less than straightforward. However, Gryffin conquered this opacity with just one bid when he drew back the curtains on “Cry” with John Martin during his oceanside Digital Mirage set in April. First conceived in a studio session at the top of 2020, “Cry” is the product of Gryffin and Martin’s drive to create a “timeless dance record,” Gryffin explained. More than half a year later, it’s glaringly apparent that the two-headed juggernaut prevailed in doing just that, releasing the highly-coveted single to consummate the #FreeCry movement.

Martin may be hailed as an unrivaled voice within progressive house, but his vocal gift comfortably translates to Gryffin’s future bass direction. Scored as the “first record of the next chapter,” Gryffin could not have possibly rung in what could very well turn into his sophomore album campaign on a more opportune note. “Cry” hits each and every target that the two specified for their collaboration, with a copious measure of paradigm verses from Martin and top-shelf acoustics from Gryffin.

Featured image: Julianna Bernstein