Gryffin adds to ‘Alive’ rollout on dance-pop hybrid with Tinashe, ‘Scandalous’

Alive isn’t too far off at this point, but Gryffin still has more left in the preview tank. When he formally welcomed his sophomore album’s coinciding tour in August at The Brooklyn Mirage, he introduced a pair of IDs that could only have been assumed to be a part of the album. And before September came to a close, Gryffin took to his Instagram to share teasers of three unreleased tracks to hold everyone over while he wrapped up Alive. One was a follow-up meeting with Elley Duhé, one was “Evergreen,” and one was “Scandalous” with Tinashe. The latter two were identified as the forenamed IDs that joined him in Williamsburg and furthermost one has now evolved into Alive‘s seventh single. With every growing piece of Alive—from “You Were Loved” (with OneRepublic) to “Alive” (with Calle Lehmann) to “Caught Up” (with Olivia O’Brien) to “Reckless” (with ) to “Colors” (with Blanke and Eyelar) to “Woke Up In Love” (with Kygo and Calum Scott)—Gryffin has equipped his Gravity successor with another stylistic lens relative to the prior six offerings. And Gryffin breeds another blue-chip hybrid of dance-pop with Tinashe for a sensuous, irresistible crossover as he inches closer to both Alive‘s nearing due date and a reunion with Red Rocks on October 21.Featured image: AJR PhotosTags: , ,
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