Good Morning Mix: The ‘Story of Rinzen’ continues with chapter two

“I didn’t strive for success, I strive to do something artistically important,” opens Rinzen‘s latest mix. To say the least, it’s a relevant sample for such an ambitious act. In February, the Los Angeles-based producer introduced his new mix series, Story of Rinzen. The opening episode marked Rinzen’s proficiency at world-building through his mixes, a skill he continues to display on the follow-up. The second chapter of Story of Rinzen once again features nearly two-hours of meticulously curated deep house and techno cuts. Colyn, Tim Engelhardt, and other artists of this fabric feature among Rinzen’s own works, including a few IDs, one of which is due out in September, Rinzen teased in the comments. Stream the mix below, or catch up on the first installment here. Featured image: aLIVE CoverageTags: , , , ,
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