Good Morning Mix: take it back to Dog Blood’s tech-riddled sunrise set at Monegros 2014

The pairing of Skrillex and Boys Noize as the inimitable Dog Blood has been a union that dance music never really adequately prepared for. Boys Noize’s old-school industrial techno mastery combined with Skrillex’s innate ability to kick things into high gear has made for a menacing side project defined by a mouth-foaming amalgamation of the most chaotic sounds possible.While the duo’s throat-kicking catalog speaks for itself with tracks like “Middle Finger Pt. 2” and “Midnight Hour,” a lesser known facet to Dog Blood’s game cane be heard in the pair’s 2014 sunrise performance at Monegros Festival. The early morning set guides listeners into a different, more subdued sonic journey than Dog Blood’s characteristically more aggressive disposition. Stepping into a tempered and techno-centric approach, the boys seem to have unsurprisingly mastered the sunrise set like no other. The set is not their customary ruckus, and according to their description of the performance, “a bit less in yo face,”‘ yet the two still allowed for the perfect consignment of wonky acid house meets upbeat bass. Enjoy.

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