Good Morning Mix: 3LAU delivers a picturesque set, live from Amargosa Dunes

Its 2021, a time when 3LAU is equally well known for his cryptocurrency and NFT thought leadership and investments as he is for his music. Though his crypto- and NFT-focused ventures have kept him increasingly busy in recent months, the Ultraviolet album maker found time to surprise fans with an immersive audiovisual performance, live from Amargosa Dunes in his home state of Nevada. The 48-minute performance, presented by CUTS, takes listeners on a journey through 3LAU favorites such as “Tokyo” with XIRA, “Everything” with Funkin Matt, and “Apocalyptic.” Snippets of what are presumably unreleased tracks are interspersed throughout 3LAU’s set, building anticipation for what is yet to come from him hopefully later this year. The picturesque backdrop shifts from day to night in front of viewers’ eyes, giving them a scenic backdrop to a high-energy 3LAU set. See it all unfold below.Featured Image: CUTS Clothing/3LAU, YoutubeTags: , , ,
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