Get Your Dancing Shoes On For Eluozo’s Newest Release “City Lights”!

Nigerian music producer Eluozo is a passionate musician, with a unique sound & a creative mind, his mission is to create music that is both fun & intuitive. Eluozo is now working with Indie Label and Production Company 3 Shots Productions to bring his creative and artistic talents in producing musical gems for the world to hear.

Eluozo newest musical gem comes in the shape of a crispy dance tune, with lots of electro influences, especially on the drop part. “City Lights” showcases Eluozo dynamic abilities by opening with soulful vocals and organic instrumentals, letting the heartfelt lyrics shine before leading into a electro house-influenced chorus. The song plays to anyone who has chased the past, adding a rhythmic dance twist to an otherwise radio-friendly track.


The song delivers a captivating blend of harmonies and organic melodies that let Eluozo’s vocals shine, building into a soft dance/R&B break part that will have your heart soaring. Whether you’re a fan of pop, electronic or anything in between, this tune will hit you in the feels and leave you wanting more from Elouzo‘s music. Hit that play button and tell me that I’m wrong!