Geechi Gotti Bars On I-95 Freestyle


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Bars On I-95, Connecticut’s number 1 Rap platform for your favorite Hip Hop artists. Skills Over Politics, that means bring your pen game not your name. Happy new years, we kick 2023 off with a long awaited freestyle from the new face of battle rap culture Geechi Gotti, a 3x champion of the year, a long dominating run in the battle rap arena, respected by his peers on all fronts, and well known for his street story and aggression and word play with the pen Geechi joins us for his Bars on I-95. Currently just dropped a new project, launched his own show and working on a clothing brand that puts him in his own league, Geechi is on his way to releasing a highly anticipated album that m is considered the Detox for the long awaited process in the release. Tap in now!