Gareth Emery Teams Up with Omnia on “Unity” A track for Ukraine

 Gareth Emery  returns with his latest single, “Unity” , a track made iin collaboration with Ukraine’s top trance DJ/Producer Omnia. “Unity” is a passion project between the two artists and is dedicated to the people of Ukraine during the Russian invasion.  Omnia best known for his singles, “CYBERPUNK” and “For You” chose UNICEF in Ukraine as his charity of chose. 100% of the proceeds made from “Unity” will go directly to UNICEF Ukraine to assist with displaced children of war.

For fans of Gareth Emery and Omnia, “Unity” is a great way for everyone to join in for a good cause. It’s not very often that listening to music can make a financial difference for the lives of many. Moving in an all-instrumental direction, the emotions in the track are far from lost. Emery and Omnia’s creative chemistry shine through with an energizing blend of trance with uplifting beats and breaks found throughout. To kick off the charity, Gareth Emery will be donating €2500 to UNICEF right away to get the ball rolling.  

“Unity” is a song to show the artists’ support towards the people of Ukrainian and against the senseless war being waged and is not meant to be a political statement as Gareth reminds his fans, “I’ve said it before but this is not a political statement. I am simply against senseless wars waged by politicians who’d never send their own children to fight. I am aware that huge numbers of Russians, including all the ones I know, also oppose the war. This is about nothing more than doing what little I can for a country that has warmly welcomed me many times over the years. Thank you to all who support!” Take a listen to “Unity” now and join in on a great cause.