G Jones, Eprom reconvene for sophomore EP, ‘Acid Disk 2’

G Jones and Eprom are both for experimenting with sound design, a stylistic hallmark audible on their first joint EP Acid Disk, released in 2017. Following high praise from listeners on Acid Disk, G Jones and Eprom are back with a six-track follow-up, Acid Disk 2. Although the original EP contained only one G Jones and Eprom collaboration, Acid Disk 2 holds two partner tracks and two solo singles from each producer.Out now via Illusory Records, Acid Disk 2 draws influence from a multitude of genres including trap, experimental-bass, acid-techno, and even trance. The first two songs from the EP, “On My Mind” and “A2C2I2D,” feature acid-infused synths layered over explosive trap drums. The final four inclusions embody softer, trance-like melodies while still incorporating the signature sounds of G Jones and Eprom.Stream Acid Disk 2 below.Featured image: Tyler HillTags: , , , ,
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