Four Tet drops sneaky remaster of 2006’s ‘Pockets’

Four Tet has given fans a true summer select, nonchalantly releasing a remaster of his largely forgotten 2006 DJ Kicks exclusive, “Pockets.”15 years of dust? No problem, as “Pockets’” colorful synthwork and expansive drum kit keeps the tune as ripe as the day it was picked. The track opens with a bouncing riff that sounds straight out of Sonic 2, only to devolve into a psychedelic bout of the UK producer’s organic chime and beat-ridden atmosphere. On paper, it sounds like a bit of a mess, but somehow under the production wizardry of Four Tet, the eclectic single results in something particularly cohesive. The release also brings a remastered take of “Pockets (minimal version)” which presents a stripped down, almost sterile rendition of the original. While the original uses the remaster to find a bit of clarity sense of the atmospheric clutter, “Pockets (minimal version)” uses it as an additional layer of polish on an already clean slate. Purchase “Pockets” in either digital or physical formats here, and find stream the full remastered release below. Featured image: Rikard OsterlundTags: , ,
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