Footage shows Skrillex, Mike D of The Beastie Boys in the studio

As passionate fans continue to theorize when, if ever, the next Skrillex album is coming, Sonny continues to entice with occasional footage from the studio. Though no album has been confirmed, the Grammy Award-winning producer has been seen working in the studio with the likes of The Beach Boys, Mike Einziger, Scott Storch, and now, Mike D of The Beastie Boys. Needless to say, it’s safe to assume that there are quite a few IDs piling up in Skrillex’s vault. The weekend of September 4, Skrillex posted a short video to his Instagram story with Mike D of the iconic hip-hop group, The Beastie Boys. This appearance comes fresh off of The Beastie Boys’ recent announcement of a forthcoming compilation album, Beastie Boys Music, set to release on October 23. The 20-track collection will feature some of the biggest hits from the boys’ career, which spans more than three decades. Could the video perhaps be a precursor to an upcoming Skrillex collaboration? The social media teaser suggests so, but for now, fans will just have to keep guessing.
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