Focalistic, Mellow & Sleazy, M.J & Pabi Cooper Release The Music Video for “Tsela Tse Nyane”


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Last month, South African-born global artist Focalistic released his third studio album ‘Ghetto Gospel’. The fifteen-track album implements elements of Hip-Hop throughout the production and tells the stories of a young African man growing up in the streets of Pretoria, South Africa and conveying fame has allotted him. Though most of his album is in his native tongue, it is an incredible display of Nigerian Amapiano with smooth American Hip-Hop elements. With Focalistic fastly gaining ground and being one of the frontrunners for the vibrant South African dance culture, it would only make sense that he spread his reach to the states.

1. Dipuo (featuring Sjava and Herc)
2. Timana (featuring. Sfarzo Rtee and DBN Gogo)
3. Boshego (featuring Elaine, Mellow and Sleazy)
4. Tsela Tse Nnyane (featuring Mellow and Sleazy, MJ and Cooper Pabi)
5. Tabela Hape (featuring Kabza De Small, Mellow and Sleazy, Myztro and MJ)
6. Botlhoko (featuring Herc)
7. HARDA (featuring Tshego, Venom and Shishiliza, Herc and Jaysax)
8. Eko Moto (featuring Davido)
9. Ntjaka Mei Dawg (featuring Mellow and Sleazy, Chicco, TitoM, Sjavasdedeejay and Lastborn)
11. Fire (featuring MHD, Felo le Tee and Mellow and Sleazy)
12. Dzudza (featuring Mellow and Sleazy)
13. I’m Not The Father (featuring Justin99)
14. Nka Mo Dira (featuring Herc)
15. Might Not Forgive you (featuring Sjava, Dynasty)

Check out “Tsela Tse Nnyane” Below: