Flatbush Zombies debut ‘now, more than ever’ EP alongside charity-driven merch line

The Flatbush Zombies‘ latest EP, now, more than ever, comes with a philanthropic call to action, detailed in a statement released by the three-part hip-hop outfit.

We have three thousand pieces of merch to sell for this EP. If we sell every piece of merch, we can generate over $100,000 in one day. Every single dollar from those merch sales will be equally split and donated to three foundations working to help change our world right now.


Proceeds from the $100,000 that the Flatbush Zombies have specified as their target will be split between BEAM, Equality Flatbush, and Everybody Eats, which benefit the homeless, anti-gentrification and anti-police brutality efforts, and the hungry, respectively.

‘now, more than ever’ is out now. remember: the music industry, like most other systems in this country, is not designed for us to succeed. Flatbush is 100% independent and owned by three black kids from Brooklyn since day fucking one. We will never give up. Let’s keep fighting the system and healing this broken world we all believe in, every day.


The newly released, limited edition merch line is an integral part of the Flatbush Zombies’ stand against racial injustice, which has affected each of the members of the Brooklyn-originating group.

“All three of us have spoken out and struggled against racism,” Flatbush wrote. See the merch line here.

Featured image: Krista Schlueter/Stereogum