First Listen: Gianni Blu hypnotizes house enthusiasts with ‘Baby Just Dance’ [Stream]

“Baby Just Dance” is an invitation to dance music devotees: break a sweat. Purveyor of transfixing house sound, Gianni Blu expands the breadth of his catalog with “Baby Just Dance,” notching his first original production of 2020.

Fodder for underground dance floors, “Baby Just Dance” sees Blu pair a vocal that verbalizes the instruction of the record’s title with an agile beat arrangement. Dark synths and a pumping bass line lend a crepuscular appeal to the deep house showing, particularly at the breakdowns, where these elements convene with the shrill shreek of tonally contrasting synths. The eerie magnetism of the drops cut traditional house sound an edge, as Gianni Blu once again goes against the grain with his hypnotic idiosyncrasy. “Baby Just Dance” follows Blu’s release of the remixes for fellow house heater, “Secret Lover.”