First Listen: Chris Malinchak warms with soulful house infusion, ‘When The World Stops Turning’ [Stream]

At a time when life has seemingly come to a standstill, Chris Malinchak has a house-flavored answer for listeners. In his latest Ultra Records offering “When The World Stops Turning,” the NYC-based multi-instrumentalist looks to nostalgia for hope as he constructs an infectious fusion of R&B, electronic, and jazz. As his sound grows more expansive with each release, Malinchak readies himself for his first full-length album.

Turning towards upbeat melodies, Malinchak takes a divergence from his deep house signature, instead creating a space for warming solace in the form of dance floor energy. Flourishing with sun-kissed synths, pick-me-up basslines, and nu-disco learnings, the “If U Got It” producer crafts a full-hearted ensemble bolstered by soulful vocals and uplifting lyricism. Evoking fine remembrance, “When The World Stops Turning” effortlessly blooms like a good memory on the horizon.

I made this song a little while back. And I always got a special feeling when I played it. Just here and there. Songs are like that. Every now and again there will be a song you just don’t feel quite ready to share. It’s tough to say why. But I knew that eventually, this one would find its moment. There have always been tough times to be sure, but this feels like maybe some of the toughest. When I listen to this I feel calm and hopeful, happy and sad. I hope you feel something when you listen,” states Malinchak.