Far Out meets with Nikhil Prakash and CeCe Mix on progressive trance hybrid, ‘Stay With Me’

When Far Out put out the teaser that he would be dipping back into progressive trance waters sometime in April, that was truly all anyone needed to hear to be excited. After a Miami Music Week placement during Ophelia Records‘ label showcase and ahead of a slate of opening slots for Nurko‘s Arrival EP campaign, the Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2022 has made his way over to Tritonal‘s Enhanced Music for his second outing of the year—following “Afraid To Love” with Karra—with “Stay WIth Me”Ideated alongside Nikhil Prakash and CeCe Mix while at home during the pandemic, Far Out’s newest original is just a further testament to his seat amongst our forenamed class of those guiding dance music’s next generation. Having already stretched out his production breadth on Somewhere In Between—which he says he has plans to follow up on with a “body of work” later this year—Far Out is directly building off the cross-genre brilliance that he ventured into through “Ultraviolet” with Leonard A, roping in a helping production hand from Parakash and chilling vocal work from Mix to round out an effortless hybrid of progressive house and trance. Featured image: Matt KricheliTags: , ,
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