Exclusive: Chris Lorenzo talks the ID that took hold of the dance/electronic scene, ‘Mami’ [Q&A]

“Me and Mami doing drugs in the penthouse suite.”Long before “Mami” hit digital streaming platforms, the hook to Chris Lorenzo‘s sought-after ID—which doubles as one of the dance/electronic genre’s most-talked-about IDs of 2022—permeated social channels as streamers clamored for its release. Out now via Late Checkout, “Mami” is here, surfacing as the debut single from Chris Lorenzo’s brand new record label. Featuring a vocal pattern akin to that of Chris Lorenzo and Chris Lake‘s “Chromatic” (under their Anti Up project), “Mami” sources its topline from COBRAH. In an exclusive interview with Dancing Astronaut, Lorenzo discusses his decision to work with COBRAH, the making of “Mami,” Late Checkout, and everything in between. Read the Q&A below.How long has “Mami” been an ID, and where was it first premiered?What prompted you to start the new label and choose “Mami” as the debut single?How did you decide to use COBRAH’s vocals for this track?“Mami” seems to lean in the Anti Up direction; can you comment on how much this song was influenced by the Anti Up brand of sound? Can you comment on any of the ensuing collaborations that you might have coming up after ‘Mami’? Are there any plans for a Chris Lorenzo, Chris Lake, and AC Slater house cut?Featured image: Qornelio ReynaTags: , , , , , ,
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