Excision shares thundering two-hour Lost Lands compilation LP

Quelling fans’ appetites between the 2021 iteration and the upcoming run of this year’s Lost Lands festival, Excision has released a staggering two-hour Lost Lands-inspired compilation project featuring 48 tracks from last year’s festival performances. The compilation also includes six unreleased songs including Excision’s “Dimension.” AlienPark, FOCUSS, Vastive & Cypherize, Typhon, and VRG also grace the tracklist with original records. Kaivon, Bear Grillz, Wooli, Kai Wachi are just a few others that have earned spots on this year’s project. Those that have already experienced the bone-rattling low-end hysteria that Lost Lands promises can attest to the fact that ahead of this year’s run, two whole hours of punishing bass cuts courtesy of Excision, are the best, if not only way to prep for Lost Lands 2022. Featured image: Don IdioTags: , , , , ,
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