Epic Music Video From The God Of “Obsession” – ZeXzy

ZeXzy is out with an epic music video for “Obsession”, his latest big hit with hundreds upon thousands of views. Sharing an authentic story, a legend of sorts, with the rest of the world, the Nigerian artist demonstrates incredible creativity. Not to mention the music video, which has been directed by Gamz; brimming with gorgeous costumes and sensual dances that compliment the hazy melody perfectly, the clip is in truth worthy of the gods. 

Having been an artist from a very young age, ZeXzy is a prolific singer with a voice like no other. His previous drops include singles like “Promise Land”, “Troway”, and his highly acclaimed EP Na Who with tracks like “My Mind” and “Na Who” that carry the artist’s signature style. With eclectic influences ranging from 2 baba, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, 2Pac Shakur, to Jay-Z and Eminem, ZeXzy is bound to be an eclectic artist himself, one who delivers powerful singles all around.

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