“Elevate” Producer 5 Day Forecast Admits: “I Still Get Butterflies Before Sets

Genre-bending producer 5 Day Forecast lures listeners with his electrifying tracks and captivating charisma. The EDM musician brings a fresh new life to the scene with the refreshing singles “To The Edge,” “Baby I’m Good,” and the more recent “Elevate,” which comes with a heartbreaking music video.

The open-format DJ has been one of the most influential figures of the Tampa Bay area since forever. Now, thanks to his latest releases, the producer expands his horizons and reaches new fans across various states. In a recent interview, 5 Day, who holds residencies at some of the hottest venues says: “You always need to have some level of preparation for your gigs, but I also love being able to feel a crowd’s energy and pivot. 

5 Day Forecast follows his heart and instantly picks up on people’s needs while playing gigs: “No crowd is ever the same and you need to be prepared for that as a DJ. There’s no better feeling in the world than playing for a crowd that’s engaged and loving your music, it’s a high like nothing else. I feel very comfortable on stage but it’s taken time to develop that comfort and even today I still get butterflies before sets.”

The charismatic producer has mastered the ability to converse and connect with people. He believes that in addition to talent, a successful artist must know how to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the audience. 5 Day Forecast is always on top of his game and has no problem creating that special bond, especially with releases like “Elevate” that speak to the heart and soul.

Watch the music video for “Elevate” below:

Listen to “Elevate” here: