EDMsauce.com Q&A Session with JonJo Drake: Trance, Acid, Energy

Next Up in our EDMSauce.com Exclusive Interview Series, Jonjo Drake:

DJ and Producer Jonjo Drake, who is 20 from Merseyside is known for his passion for dark driving percussion and massive synth lines and is bringing us his insider knowledge on the make-up of his brand-new tunes ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Mercy’. He demonstrates his aptitude for music production through his new driving Techno EP, to which he incorporates euphoric and melodic breakdowns which lead into heavy acid drops to bring together all of the elements into a professionally wrapped package that would do the damage on any Techno dancefloor. 

Hey! Great to have you here. How’re you doing?

Hey thanks for having me! I’m currently waiting for the clubs to open like the rest of us, but other than that I’m very good. I’m in the studio every day working on new music, so it isn’t all bad. 

Let’s talk about the tracks. How did they come about?

I play around with a lot of new track ideas, some of them stick and some don’t. I was really into these two tracks and knew that they were special and that was it really, I had to finish them.

How would you describe ‘Dangerous?’

I’d describe ‘Dangerous’ as a bouncy high-energy track with a very powerful lead that is really quite intense. The track only has one break and other than that I don’t think it gives you a chance to rest, which is just how I like it.

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3 words – Tell us about ‘Mercy’

Trance – Acid – Energy.

What is the story behind the names?

‘Dangerous’ came from the vocal I was using in the track, I decided it fit the mood for the piece because it’s got a mean vibe to it, some would say quite dangerous. ‘Mercy’ came from the emotional melody that sat on top of the acid line. The name really resonated with me and so Mercy was born.

What did you use to produce this? Tell us about the process

I make all my music in Ableton. I usually start with a simple kick and high-hat pattern for context, and then move on to the main idea of the track. After I have a solid foundation, the rest of the groove comes quite naturally and I built the track on top of this. The main melody for ‘Mercy’ came to me by accident. I was playing with some chords with no intention to make a track, and all of a sudden the melody was talking and I knew straight away I wanted that beautiful and emotional melody to contrast with a dirty acid bass line.

Do you think there are any particular influences we can hear in these tracks?

For me personally, I try to stray away from the Techno I’m listening to and create something unique. The only influences I paid attention to for these tracks was atmospheres and certain venues. I imagine big main stages and dark tents and try to create moments in these tracks that fit what I see.

How did the Toma Hawk remix come about?

Toma Hawk’s tracks have been inspiring me to produce more and more as he shows such skill as a Producer. I asked him to do the remix so I could see how he would leave his mark on my own creation, and I was not disappointed.

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Can we expect more like this from you in the future?

I absolutely love the big ripping synths and emotional breakdowns! I’m sure I will aim to translate my love of these elements into other tracks for sure.

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