EDMsauce.com Artist of the Week: Pixellay

What is going on dance music fans! We welcome you back to yet another episode of our Artist of the Week series. Today, we are featuring a new, up and coming artist known as Pixellay – a 17 year old prodigy that is already making headlines, including having his music already featured in Apple TV’s hit show, “Ted Lasso”.

Pixellay is Birmingham, Alabama native Landon Friedman, a 17-year-old electronic music producer, songwriter, and remixer. A skilled percussionist, pianist and computer programmer, Pixellay blends his passion for music and technology to create dynamic EDM, future house and bass, and dance pop tracks.

Described as a “wonderful surprise” and “absolutely an artist to keep an eye on”, this phenom is poised for a meteoric rise. Since his first single in 2019, Pixellay has already been a featured guest on Birmingham Mountain Radio shows “The Morning Blend” and “Oh Brother Radio”; he has collaborated with UK pop sensation Stephen Jones of Babybird on an album of remixes entitled, “Pixellated: the Babybird Remixes”; and his festival-ready instrumental “Decoder” was included in Season 1 of the smash hit Apple TV series “Ted Lasso”. This song can be found on the show’s soundtrack, sharing space with many timeless artists.

His recent releases highlight his diverse style while encompassing his signature sound: the lush future house track “Jungle Wave”, high-energy banger “Integer”, hard-hitting future house single “The World Out There”, magnetic dance pop track “Get Back Home”, melodic, chill EDM tune “Waiting For”, and smooth, upbeat future bass gem “Talk to Me”. 

His latest single “Back to You” is a soulful future bass track that perfectly blends electronic beats and synths with elements of R&B and dance pop to create a sultry, beat-infused sonic delight. Similar to his last three singles, “Back to You” is tuned to 432 Hz.

“I prefer to write songs in 432 Hz,” Pixellay explained. “It is my favorite musical frequency as it provides a warmer and more emotional sound. For ‘Back to You’, I first wrote chords and then layered in beats. I then overlaid the rich vocal sample, which I think really transformed the track.”

EDMsauce loves the newest record by Pixellay. His desire and drive to produce something relevant, yet original and with flawless production talent really stands out to us. Our favorite piece of the his newest record, Back to You, has to be the transitioning and the future style / modern drop and progressions. It is a track that can be played in multiple formats whether it’s a festival stage, radio play, or any kind of club session – the sound designs are as versatile as Pixellay seems to be. Lastly, and not to go unnoticed, the overall mixing and mastering of this record are truly a gem to be harped upon – the clarity of each movement and production is stellar. He’s got so many years to continue showing us how perfect he can create!

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Pixellay has been compared to a diverse range of artists including Martin Garrix, Zedd, Mike Williams, Steve Aoki, and Jay Hardway. Fans of these artists will undoubtedly find Pixellay’s tracks to be worthy additions to their new summertime playlists. 

This summer, Pixellay will be releasing several original future house singles and leading off the Euphonious 2 music festival on June 17, 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

He also will be performing live online via Mixcloud most Saturdays from 7-8 pm Central Time. Check out www.pixellay.com for more information and to sign up for his newsletter.

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