Eats Everything samples drag royalty Moi Renee in newest release "Honey"

Eats Everything cranks the sass to eleven in his latest release, paying homage to New York‘s vibrant drag scene of the late 1990‘s with the fabulous house hit, “Honey.”

Rave stabs and crashing percussion drive the new tune, but it’s the vocal sample from Moi Renee that truly brings it to life. Moi Renee was a centerpiece of New York’s underground gay scene, bringing her brand of high camp performances to The Shelter, a now defunct nightclub that was founded on expression and acceptance. Moi Renee passed away in the late 90’s, but still managed to cement herself among internet infamy when a clip of her performing “Miss Honey” in a NYC subway was uploaded to YouTube.

“Miss Honey” was first sampled by Eats Everything back in 2018 for his gig at London’s Little Gay Brother. The track expectedly went off, and over the next few years reintroduced Moi Renee to the dancefloor, appearing in sets from Patrick Topping, Fatboy Slim and Annie Mac. Now, a cool two years later, the highly sought-after track finally gets a release. Listen to “Honey” in full below.