Durante & HANA share inspirations behind new Anjunadeep EP ‘Celestia’ [Q&A]

Durante and HANA are proving to be a must-watch duo. Last year, they released their first collaborative EP 13 Voices together, a gorgeous blend of Durante’s sublime deep/melodic house production and HANA’s angelic vocal talent. Now, the pair returns to Anjunadeep for another three-track EP, Celestia. The new EP shows not only that the compelling pair can replicate the magic of their first release, but also build on their sound and progress into new territories. “Away Home” and the EP’s title track lean into the emotive side of melodic house territory, while Celestia‘s closer “Whisper Cell” cranks up the tempo for an enthralling taste of the duo’s versatility. Anjuna fans got their first taste of the Celestia EP in February when “Away Home” debuted on Anjunadeep 12. Dancing Astronaut caught up with Durante and HANA to chat about the duo’s body of work together, their collaborative style, and what’s to come for them. You two have released several collaborations already, is there anything in particular that keeps both of you coming back to work with one another? What is your collaborative process like? How do each of you present your musical ideas to one another?This is your second EP together released via Anjunadeep, how does it differ from your first?What’s in store for both of you this summer?Featured image: Durante & HANA pressTags: , , , ,
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