DubVision write off bucket list release with Armin van Buuren, ‘I Should Be Loving You’

When DubVision previously alluded that their next release would be one of the highest-profile outings they’d make of the past decade-plus, they weren’t joking. None other than the king of trance himself, Armin van Buuren, was revealed to be DubVision’s collaborative partner-in-crime, bringing the brothers back to Armada Music for “I Should Be Loving You” alongside You.Armin van Buuren explained that he’d purported a tie-up with DubVision ever since their 2017 revision of “I Need You,” and “I Should Be Loving You” is a priceless meeting of dance music legends, stirring both van Buuren and DubVision’s capital brand of house with the lyrical touch of a brand new, enigmatic lyricist known as You. The single precedes DubVision’s ID alongside Martin Garrix, which the duo confirmed to be on the way when fielding guesses from fans as to whom “I Should Be Loving You” would position them alongside. Stream “I Should Be Loving You” as the wait to one of our favorite unreleased tracks of 2021 continues to tick down.Featured image: DubVision/InstagramTags: , , ,
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