Dombresky notches Armada debut alongside Donnie Sloan and Ricky Ducati on ‘Down Low’

After making a house masterclass out of 2020 with five singles and a Trust The Process Remix EP on the syllabus, Dombresky is back in session with a lesson that’ll make listeners get “Down Low.” Trailing his December 23, 2020 take on Anabel Englund‘s Messing With Magic headliner, “Underwater,” “Down Low” situates the Parisian talent on the Armada runway for a label debut that’s far from lonely. The piano house initiative aligns Dombresky with Donnie Sloan and Ricky Ducati, who collaboratively layer a Foster The People meets The Knocks vocal aesthetic atop a bright house base. As Dombresky’s inaugural offering of 2021, “Down Low” opens the house don’s door to another year of original production, and we all have the pleasure of following along.Featured image: Victor Ciardelli IVTags: , , , ,
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